Modafinil Cost

Modafinil CostModafinil is a medication that is typically prescribed for the people who are suffering from Narcolepsy. It provides a wakefulness in people so, it is also be given to the people with sleep apnea for those who are constantly sleepy during the day time. The cost of Modafinil completely depends on the dosage level you choose and then it also depends on the online pharmacy you are getting this medication from online or offline.

In the following, we have given the list of online pharmacies with their respective price for Modafinil. These online drugstores are much popular and that has been serving people for years with most qualified and high in quality medication to the people within the country and overseas. Let us take a look at them.

1. is the worldwide Provigil online dispensary which sells the generic version of modafinil at the cheapest price. By providing the Provigil medication at the cheap cost they never compromise in its quality. Since they procured the medication from the top manufacturers including Sun pharma and Cephalon were both the companies are pioneers of Modafinil and Provigil manufacturing. This online dispensary is the best choice for a person who needs the smart drug at the cheap price in the shortest time period.

  • Provigil (Generic Modafinil)100mg, 180 pills – $189.00
  • Provigil (Generic Modafinil)200mg, 180 pills – $198.00

2. is another modafinil online pharmacy which is becoming the best seller in the online market. Only a few online pharmacies which can able to sell the generic medications in the successful and thereof, is the complete online modafinil shop sells the generic Modafinil as well in the name of Provigil. Being generic the prices are very low comparing the others. Also, they ensure to deliver the product to the people sooner as much as possible with the help of their shipping carriers.

  • Provigil (Generic Modafinil)100mg, 180 pills – $189.00
  • Provigil (Generic Modafinil)200mg, 180 pills – $198.00

3., there is a lot of chance that you would have come across this website if you are an online shopper for medication. Yes, Afinil Express has been selling loads of druon online and they provide an uncompromising Modafinil online delivery to the users. The shipping services are free and are offering the medication at low prices. This online pharmacy will also be providing Modafinil 200mg with the options in choose the brand. They are selling both Modalert and Modavigil online and the cost of the drugs has been listed in the following.

  • Modalert 200mg – 200 pills – $230.00
  • Modavigil 200mg – 200 pills – $190.00


Modapharma has been serving in this line for 2 years in business and they are mainly intended on focusing on the customer in serving properly to them and was very much conscious on their service to win their customer demands on the medication. The website is very much easy to use and helps people to achieve their required medication and placing them online successfully. The cost of the Modafinil medication given on this online drugstore is very much affordable for everyone. They also provide fast shipping transport with guaranteed delivery to the consumers. The Modafinil prices in this internet drugstore have been listed below.

  • Modalert 200mg – $230.00
  • Modavigil 200mg – $190.00


This is one of the leading online pharmacies and is an exclusive Modafinil seller on the market. They provide two types of Modafinil medication to the consumers namely Modalert 200mg and 100mg and Modafil MD 200mg. The service provides by Modafinilstar is fast and reliable. They also sell Armodafinil drug for low cost and for easy quick delivery of your package to the consumers. The cost of Modafinil in this internet pharmacy has been listed below.

  • Modalert 100- 180 pills – $185.00
  • Modalert 200 – 180 pills – $190.00
  • Modafil MD 200mg – 180 pills – $190.00

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Other than the online drugstores that have been listed above, you can also choose some other internet pharmacies if you feel comfortable in buying the medication online from, may be they are nearer to your home or office and want your medications to be delivered earlier.

Here we also provide you some other ways using which you will be able to buy Modafinil online for low cost than above mentioned prices. Well, at first people tend to search for the online pharmacy that are offering discounts and coupons to Modafinil medication they buy from them. Buying Modafinil using the coupon code will reduce the price of the medication more and you can save on your prescription so much.

Another option in buying the order of Modafinil is asking for the free samples from your doctor. It is possible that your doctor might be willing to provide you with the samples pills of Modafinil for a month. Also, you can use the manufacturer’s coupon using which it works like when you bring the coupon, the manufacturer reimburses the online pharmacy for the price.

Buying Modafinil medication online using Insurance. As you can the cost of Modafinil 200mg in Modapharma is $1.28 per pill, so if you purchase the drug from an online pharmacy and you are having a prescription and an insurance but they won’t cover it, which is why you can choose Modapharma to buy Modafinil online.

If you have a insurance to get Modafinil then you just have to pay only a little amount. The cost also depends on the what sort of insurance you have to cover your medical prescription.

Remember that the cost of the drug depends on the online pharmacy that is selling your with the drug and also the location which means the distance between the place where you live in and the location of the pharmacy.

Choosing the online drugstores that are near you will help you to obtain the medication very soon and can acquire the quality pills of Modafinil. They will accept your insurance while procuring Modafinil from online such that you will be able to get the medication at an affordable cost.

Also, you can buy Provigil here.