Affiliate Disclosure

FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

As per the rules released by the Federal Trade Commission in the year 2015 for Disclosure compliance, the readers and viewers are asked to be aware if the blogger or publisher is sponsored or even collaborated with the third party/different company. The readers must know if the blogger or publisher is making money just by sharing a link or product.

We pleased you to understand that all or any links on are affiliate links due to which the site receive very small compensation from the sales of product or items.

Affiliate Links has an affiliate relationship with some online pharmacies which are mentioned on the website. Most of the links present in the website is mostly affiliate contextual marketing links. By doing this we are most likely act as a sales associates at the online shop and when you choose to buy any dose of the medication through the link on this site, we will be earning some compensation. Though we are just an affiliate site, we strive hard to display only quality products. We have selected the products with user’s health in mind.

Product Reviews

The blogs on the website provide straight and unbiased product reviews. At most times, these products would be reviewed on the basis of individuals who have purchased it combined with personal reviews based on my own purchase experience.

As it involves the health of an individual, will completely check the safety of the product first. This would help us to write an entire review. It is noted that we only provide product review only if does not harm the user. We will get to talk to the persons who have purchased and used the products from the seller so that we will get to know what the products are like and how a user feels when uses it. We cannot simply use the free samples of the medication as it is not safe so we have adopted this method.

Interacting with real users help us to provide a real-time effect of the product. If the company does not ready to accept this term we fail to have the affiliate relationship with them. We believe it is only the best way to trust the product quality other than just believing their documents.


If any company wish to review their products on this website, they are welcome to contact us for further development.